6 Ways to Prevent Knee Pain When Walking Upstairs

If you live in an apartment building or apartment, you know how challenging it can be to walk up and down stairs if you have arthritis in your knees. Maybe it’s gotten to the point where you’re avoiding stairs altogether—or dreaming of moving into a one-story house. If you feel knee pain when walking upstairs […]

7 Reasons of Knee Pain When Riding a Bike

Chronic knee pain is something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. What often starts as a twinge of discomfort can sometimes turn into chronic, excruciating pain that requires time off the bike at best and surgery and months of rehabilitation at worst. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual commuter, a local racer, or […]

Why Do I Feel Pain in Knee When Walking Downhill?

Hands down, hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy life – it’s amazing exercise, it allows you to disconnect, the scenery is unbeatable and most importantly, it gets you outside. Nothing beats a dirt trail surrounded by trees, mountains, wildflowers, rocks, and all the amazing views your senses can handle. While it’s easy […]