5 Causes Of Back Pain You Never Knew
November 30, 2020

Back pain can sneak up on you, leaving you to wonder what’s going on with your back. When no instance of injury or strain can be pinpointed, it can be hard to know what is causing your stiff, sore, throbbing or debilitating dorsalgia. Your physician at Premier Pain Centers in Fort Worth, TX, has some ideas of the cause of your pain that you may have never considered before.

1- Muscle Fatigue

Muscles that have to do repetitive work with little rest in-between can suffer a mini-breakdown. Repetitive movements can cause a build-up problem with a certain muscle group which manifests as back pain.

“When repetitive movements cause muscle strain, the fatigued spine can become vulnerable to injury, such as a slipped disc,” said Premier Pain Centers’ Medical Director, Dr. Rao Ali. “We see this a lot in sports and workplace injuries.”

2- Sedentary Lifestyle

With many of us working from home and sitting for long hours every day, it’s easy to see how the back can pay the price for our inactivity. This kind of lifestyle can cause weak abdominal muscles, poor posture and back pain. There are many kinds of office exercises that can help you stay strong, and taking frequent breaks to walk briskly or stretch can also help.

3- Tipped Pelvis

Sometimes muscles become too strong in some areas and too weak in opposite areas, causing the pelvis to tip either forward or backward. Truck drivers and people who sit all day are susceptible to forward-tipping pelvises. The weak muscle groups include abs, glutes and hamstrings. Older people often suffer from backward-tipping pelvises with weak hip flexors, upper back and quadriceps.

Stretching muscles that are too tight while targeting weak muscles in strength training are ways to correct a tipped pelvis. “It’s crucial to properly identify the weak and overly strong muscle groups in order to correct this condition,” said Dr. Ali. “We can identify the problem areas and give you guidance on what to do to correct it.”

4- Abnormal Curvatures

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that can cause back pain. Spondylosis is a condition referring to the breakdown of the spine that can impair movement and narrow the spinal column. These kinds of curvatures can put too much stress on parts of the spine while weakening other parts. A patient’s entire posture is negatively impacted by abnormal curvatures and requires medical management.

5- Other Conditions

Fibromyalgia, ruptured disc, gallbladder, arthritis, kidney infection, endometriosis, cancer, ovarian cysts, or spinal tumor are internal organ issues that can cause chronic back pain. Since some of these conditions are emergent, it is important to get a professional exam to discover the exact cause of the pain you’re suffering.

What to Do for Back Pain

Regular exercise, stretching and strength training are the best ways to prevent back pain. If you sit for a long time or are stationary, take breaks throughout the day and walk around. Apply alternating hot and cold packs when back pain flares up. Rest is also important, but don’t lay down and stop moving altogether.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, a thorough examination is the first step in pinpointing the cause. Since there are so many potential conditions that can cause the pain you’re experiencing, Dr. Ali will need to examine you carefully and possibly conduct diagnostic tests.

Call Today for an Appointment

Since some back pain can be caused by serious underlying conditions, it is important to be seen right away for pain that lasts longer than a week and isn’t helped by rest. We’re here to help find the cause of your back pain in Lancaster and to find a treatment option that’s right for you.


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