9 Rhomboid Exercises for Gym
May 12, 2021

Do you want a well-structured and strong back? Then, you should pay particular focus to the rhomboids. You should know that your rhomboids play a crucial role in an ideal physique and fitness level. Also, the rhomboid muscles help determine your body forte, posture, and toughness. Hence, this article will highlight some special rhomboid exercises for you to follow.

What are Rhomboid Muscles?

Rhomboids comprise two muscles that include the rhomboid minor and rhomboid major. Together they form one rhomboid muscle. A pair of rhomboids lies in your upper-mid backbone area that links to your spine.

What Are the Benefits of Having Robust Rhomboid Muscles?

Here are some of the key benefits you will enjoy if you have strong muscles:

  • You will be able to carry more weight and improve muscle growth
  • It helps avoid injuries
  • You can prevent compensation problems
  • It helps maintain a healthy body posture

Hence, if you are looking to enjoy these benefits, you should learn about the best rhomboid workouts.


What Are the Best Rhomboid Exercises?

The best rhomboid exercises for gym and bodybuilding are as follows:

Gym and bodybuilding rhomboid exercises

Bent Over Rows

  1. Use an overhand grip (greater than shoulder-width length) to hold the bar. It would help if you emphasized on your rhomboids more than underhand.
  2. Allow the bar to hang while your arms are straight.
  3. While you keep your shoulders down and shoulder blades together, squeeze your core
  4. Row the bar up unless it comes in contact with your sternum, then gradually lower it again
  5. When you perform rows, try to emphasize squeezing your rhomboids. Also, you should pause and maintain the scapular retraction position in each rep.

Landmine Rows

  1. Organise the barbell with plates. You should ensure that it is inserted correctly in the corner or base.
  2. Arch with a big pivot and keep your back straight. Then hold the bar with your hands positioned in between the legs, getting ready for a spine stretch.
  3. Force the barbell upwards and squish your spine muscles as you breathe out
  4. Lower down the bar back unless your arms are stretched. Breathe in and repeat.

Rhomboid Exercises with Dumbbells

Rows with Dumbbells

  1. By holding a dumbbell in each hand, arch at 45 degree angle (hip pivot)
  2. Hold the position and support your core throughout the movement.
  3. Uplift the dumbbells when you breathe out. Your arms should be at a parallel height of the shoulders.
  4. When you lift, you should keep your wrists firm without moving the legs.
  5. Then lower down the weights in a regulated manner when you breathe in.

When performing a one-arm row, include a slight thoracic spin at the end of the row to tighten the rhomboids. You can do this by uplifting your shoulders from the ground.

Rear Delt FLYS

  1. Sit on the floor and lean forward with a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Maintain the position throughout the movement.
  3. Elevate your arms to the side. It should be parallel with the shoulders.
  4. Gradually lower down in the same path. Repeat the motion.

This workout is ideal for tightening the rhomboids.

Prone Lateral Raise

  1. Lie down on a flat surface over your stomach while your arms are on the sides
  2. By holding a dumbbell in each palm, you should elevate your arms up to shoulder level. Once they are parallel with the ground, squish your rhomboids and the upper back.
  3. It would help if you keep your arms in a perpendicular position to your torso and fully extend throughout the movement.
  4. Lower down your spine and repeat the exercise.

Side-Lying Reverse Dumbbell Fly

  1. Lie down on your side with the elbow and body in a static position. Elevate the dumbbell from the ground unless it is almost vertical. Breathe out as your raise the dumbbell.
  2. Lower down the spine in a reverse motion when breathing out.
  3. Don’t allow the dumbbell to come in contact with the ground. It will help you maintain muscle tension throughout the movement.
  4. Repeat on the reverse side.

Rhomboid Exercises with Cables

Face Pull with Rope

  1. Arrange the cable machine with a double-rope addon fixed in the shoulder level position.
  2. Use an overhand grip to hold the rope handle. Your hands should face the floor while your arms are fully stretched in front of you.
  3. Yank towards your face while your upper arms are parallel to the ground. The handles should be on the sides of your face.
  4. Gradually regain the starting position while maintaining the tension in the cable.

High Angle One Arm Cable Row

  1. Arrange the cable machine while you set the handle in a high position (matching your head level)
  2. Take a split position and move the handle palms down. It would help if you stretched your arms with your hands in line with the top of your head.
  3. Place the cable in a straight slanting motion that moves down the side of your upper body. As your arms are at a 90o angle, gradually rotate your working shoulder outwards. This spin will allow you to target your rhomboids better and squish them.
  4. Slowly return to the original position. Then repeat.

Seated Row and Standing Cable Row

  1. Arrange the cable machine with dual levers
  2. Move a plane bench up to the machine
  3. When you are in a sitting position, the cable should be precisely below your sternum level
  4. Grip one handle in each hand and relax back so that your arms get fully stretched. Make sure your spine is completely straight. You don’t need to bend your lower spine. This position will help you focus on rhomboids.
  5. Then yank both palms towards your upper abs. Then squish your shoulder blades together and emphasize exercising the rhomboids.
  6. Gradually move back until your arms get fully stretched.
  7. Repeat this motion

How to Stretch Rhomboid Muscles?

After a good workout, it is important to stretch to muscles in order to prevent prolonged soreness. Some techniques have been discussed below:

Lower neck and upper back (rhomboid) stretch

This position should be held for 15-20 seconds and repeated 3 to 4 times for good results.

In order to reach the position, you should stretch your arms out in front of your body. Than, clasp one hand on top of your other hand. Gently reach out so that you feel your shoulder blades stretching away from each other. Than, gently bend your head forward.

Resisted rows

This stretching exercise should be repeated 8 to 10 times in order to attain good results.

You need a stretchable workout band. Wrap one end of the band around a solid object at your waist level. One possibility can be to use a bedpost.

Hold equal lengths of the band in each hand. Start with your arms held out in front of you.

Now, pull the bands back, and move your shoulder blades together.

When you are done pulling, your elbows should be at your side and bent at 90 degrees (like the angle of the letter “L”).

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