What You Need To Know About The Intracept Procedure?

Intracept involves applying radiofrequency to the basivertebral nerve within the vertebral body and inserting a needle down the pedicle.The disk space endplates feel less pain this way. Due to the fact that it's an outpatient procedure, there's no prolonged recovery time. There's no risk involved in the procedure.The basivertebral nerve (BVN) transmits back pain in vertebral endplates after these nerves have been abated. When endplates degenerate, MRI shows dramatic changes due to the release of inflammatory mediators in response to the degenerating endplates.

How Does The Intracept Procedure Work

When chronic dorsalgia persists for more than six months and fails to respond to other conservative procedures like Epidural Nerve Block and Trigger Point Injections. Then, Intracept is an effective treatment option. Chronic vertebrogenic low back pain can be treated with minimally invasive treatments. This condition is often poorly understood and underdiagnosed.

Only this FDA-approved treatment is capable of treating chronic vertebrogenic low back pain.

Vertebrogenic Low Back Pain

A disc-related problem is the most common cause of back pain, but a vertebrogenic condition is one in which the endplates of the vertebrae or the space between them are damaged. It is common for lower back pain to be caused by damage to the vertebral endplates and to worsen when bending, sitting for extended periods of time, and while exercising.

One out of every six Americans with chronic low back pain is estimated to have vertebrogenic pain, according to Relievent, the manufacturer of the Intracept Procedure Lancaster. Intracept provides surgical options previously unavailable due to the lack of response to conservative treatments.

Few medical innovations not only change our approach to treating patients, but also our perspective on the disease process itself. As a solution to chronic vertebrogenic back pain, Intracept has proven to be the best choice for us.".

Benefits of Intracept Procedure

When conservative treatment is not sufficient, this is an option. Despite being common, low back pain can be challenging to treat. In addition to physical therapy and steroid injections, prescription medications are also common conservative treatments for low back pain.

It may be worthwhile to consider the Intracept Procedure Hillsboro if you have experienced chronic low back pain for the past six months or longer and have exhausted all traditional treatment options.

  • It’s minimally invasive

In the event that you are considering spine surgery, it is natural to be apprehensive. The good news is, today's technology makes it possible to treat severe low back pain without undergoing open surgery as in the past. Compared to traditional open surgery, minimally invasive surgery has a number of advantages. Smaller incisions cause less trauma. As a result, you will be able to recover more quickly and you will be less likely to suffer from infections and other complications.

  • It’s Implant-Free

Back pain is often treated surgically with implants. These implants may be structural in nature, such as screws and plates, or electrical in nature, such as spinal cord stimulators. Many people benefit from implants, but not everyone is a qualified candidate for them. Moreover, the Intracept Procedure uses radiofrequency ablation to treat low back pain.

  • It’s An Outpatient Procedure

Due to the fact that the Intracept procedure richardson is minimally invasive and implants are not required, doctors are able to perform the procedure on an outpatient basis. The procedure does not require you to stay overnight in the hospital. The Intracept procedure takes approximately 80 minutes. In the recovery room, you will stay until the effects of your anesthetic wear off. Later that day, you can go home.

  • It Offers Long-Lasting Relief From Chronic Low Back Pain

As part of the Intracept Procedure, your spine's nerves are targeted to suppress pain signals to your brain. An ablation of the basivertebral nerve is performed during surgery, thus permanently terminating the pain signals at their source.

This procedure can effectively treat a variety of chronic back pain conditions.

Intracept offers many advantages that make it a unique and effective treatment option for a wide variety of patients. Pain management doctors in Fort Worth are now offering a revolutionary procedure that offers long-lasting relief from chronic low back pain.

Accessing the pedicle is the first step in the procedure- it is a cylinder-shaped portion of hard bone that extends from the back of the vertebra, protecting the spinal cord.

1. An X-ray is continuously displayed on a monitor during the insertion of a short plastic tube and advancement of the tube through the backside of the vertebra.

Step One: A Channel Is Created.

A. The procedure involves the use of a curved cannula.

It is an inserted hollow tube that has a sharp rectangular core that creates a channel that reaches the base to the vertebral body.

Step Two: A Radiofrequency Probe Is Placed.

During the procedure, the radiofrequency probe is inserted into the curved channel created and placed at the base of the vertebra. By transmitting a radio wave, this probe can produce an electrical current.

Step Three: Is The Removal Process Of The Body To The Vertebra.

A radiofrequency probe is then inserted into the spine to generate an electric current. Fundamentally, this prevents pain emanating from the spine from being transmitted to the nerves. The procedure involves the use of a burning device to destroy nerves that cause pain. In order to effectively treat chronic pain, it is necessary to eliminate the pain transmitters present in these nerves that are responsible for chronic back pain.

What Can I Expect During An Intracept Procedure?

  • An IV will be used to administer sedation to you prior to the procedure. On a special table, a nurse will lay you on your stomach in the procedure room. It is necessary to clean the area of the incision and administer a local anesthetic in order to alleviate any discomfort.
  • Using a fluoroscopy (a type of x-ray equipment), the physician guides the introducer to the correct site after making a small incision in the lower back.
  • The tube instrument creates a channel through the introduction device. It is necessary to pass the probe through the channel in order to locate the basivertebral nerve. A specialized machine generates heat and applies it directly to the nerve. By disrupting pain signals before they reach the brain, heat reduces pain sensations.
  • After the instruments have been removed, they are carefully discarded. Cleaning, stitching, and bandaging are performed on the incision.

What Can I Expect After An Intracept Procedure?

As the sedation wears off, you will be placed in the recovery area, where you will be monitored by a nurse for up to 60 minutes.Upon your discharge, you will be responsible for the transportation of yourself home, by a driver. We recommend that you rest for the remainder of the day.

After the next day, you may resume your normal activities. For several days following the injection, you may experience tenderness or aggravated symptoms at the incision site. To relieve this pain, apply ice packs.

If you follow the procedure, you'll need to avoid certain movements and strenuous activities. If your physician recommends a course of action prior to discharge, he or she will discuss it with you.


There is great evidence that The Intercept procedure can improve patient lower back pain immediately and for a long time. This procedure has filled a large gap in the treatment process for patients suffering from chronic lower back pain.

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