4 Helpful Products For On-the-Go Pain Management
June 03, 2022

4 Helpful Products For On-The-Go Pain Management

Whether it’s the temporary pain of the moment, acute headaches or a stressful gym injury, it’s easy to come up with the same pain relievers, like oral pain pills, if that common grip comes out. But it is always worthwhile to consider whether that is the most effective decision.

Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing – and where you are in the body you may be asked – there may be effective solutions out there. Here, we share a few ideas you may not have thought of, which you should take to the screen when pain strikes and you need a pleasant (and quick) relief.

  • Digital Pain Relief

You’ve probably heard of TENS machines, have you ever used them? They have been jumping recently and smart technology means they are easy to use and portable, which makes them ideal for providing temporary relief for things like back pain, knee or elbow pain. The boot offerings are tailored to fit certain body parts – knee and elbow versions, for example, fit snugly in both, and the back pain strap is easy to attach with a comfortable strap. With prices starting at £ 28.49 the least expensive option if you experience common challenges, such as post-exercise pain, or recurrence.

  • Freeze Gel

Anyone who dares to wash the Wim-Hof-esque snow or cold shower will know all about its pain-relieving and soothing properties. The next best thing? Freezing Gel – another essential ingredient that should be designed to soothe and relax painful muscles and joints by bringing an immediate cooling effect to the skin, which can reduce blood flow, calming and soothing the area. It is especially helpful for muscle, joint or joint pain or for minor sports injuries such as sprains if it is inserted immediately after the onset of pain (and slowly, with relief, goes a long way). Apply several times a day as needed to reduce pain.

  • Muscle Pain Relief Cream

Can cream really relieve pain? Science says yes, depending on the type of pain and where you are. Boots Muscle Pain Relief Cream contains methyl salicylate, best known for treating muscle and rheumatic pain, as well as for things like sports injuries or pain relief after exercise. Just apply a non-greasy formula to the skin, rub until you are done and apply two or three times a day. Bringing warmth – people report frequent warms, and cold afterwards – the results can be felt immediately, which means it’s a great useful bag for family outings (suitable for adults and children over 5, but always read the label). And for £ 1.49 per tube, it’s incredibly expensive, too.

  • A Hot And Cold Compress

Reusable compact pockets can be used hot or cold and mold to fit specific body parts, making them incredibly flexible. Built around heat science can increase blood flow in some areas and colds work in the opposite direction, slowing blood flow and helping to reduce inflammation and pain. Store them in the refrigerator when not in use and place them in a non-reusable cover before cooling the body to relieve sports injuries or inflammation, headaches, abrasions, toothache – and even insect bites. When it is hot, they are especially helpful in relieving general pain and discomfort caused by rheumatism, arthritic pain, period pain or back pain. A practical home remedy when it comes to pain, we wonder how we ever lived without them.

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