Why Should I Wear Knee Support For Running?

Did you know that staying active is the key to a healthy life? When you think of staying active, have you ever thought about how important is your knee joint for this? If you do vigorous exercises and running, you are likely to experience knee injuries. So, if you have a problematic knee joint, you cannot remain active. However, a brace can help you everywhere. So, this article will guide me on why I should wear a knee brace for running.

According to research by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, almost half of the running injuries affected the knees. Hence, this has made knee brace for running highly popular as it helps mitigate minor pains. Now the question is whether braces are a targeted solution or just a comforting tool.

What Is a Knee Brace?

Made of stretchy elastic material like neoprene, plastic, or foam, a brace is the best knee support for running. When worn during walking, running, or exercising, it supports your knee movements and eases pain. So, it is an ideal way to enhance flexibility and prevent damage.

What Types of Braces Are Available?

There is a range of braces available in the market. All braces help support a huge range of knee problems. Usually, doctors recommend wearing a brace post-surgery or recovering from an injury. Also, it is helpful for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Braces for running are quite simple; known as basic, neoprene sheath, or cape.

  • Basic Braces

These are the commonest and most affordable types of braces available. These do not feature an elastic sleeve or cape, instead, “one-size-fits-all”. However, these are available in a great variety of designs. You may choose a with or without hole kneecap, as per your requirement. Such braces are ideal for post-surgery support to patients to treat short to long-term pain. The great news is that these are easily available at any pharmacy or sports outlet.

  • Advanced Braces

These braces feature a slightly complicated design and offer greater support than the latter. These are available in wrap-around or sheath forms. And doctors recommend it as a treatment for serious injuries. However, the most advanced of these ‘elite’ braces are manufactured for severe and continuing situations. So, you should not use any of the advanced braces unless your doctor recommends it.

When You Should Not Wear a Brace?

Surely, braces are not meant to fix all types of knee disorders, and there are many situations when you should try not to wear them. When you experience a serious injury or shock to your knee (after an accident), you must consult a specialist to find out if there is anything serious.

Also, if you experience consistent inflammation that does not allow you to fully flex or flatten your knee. Also, you should never ignore if your knee pain in Lancaster intensifies when you walk or run. It is time to immediately visit a doctor.

Hence, in such conditions, you should avoid wearing a brace unless your doctor prescribes it to you. The reality is that, when you wear a brace over an injured knee, it can cause further damage. Also, it may make you more dependent on braces. So, you should struggle to attain strength, flexibility, and control to walk safely without the support of a brace.

How Does Brace Help in Running?

As you know that a brace supports your knee, so there are many confusions linked to it. You may want to know whether a brace helps prevent damage to the knee. Or it may allow you to run better and for a long time. 

So, the answer is, yes it can help you to some extent.

The manufacturers promise this, however, there is still some inconsistency between the laboratory results and the actual outcomes.

So, you should wear a brace only for the following reasons:

  • Proprioception

It is the response from the receptors in your knee joint that indicate the brain about its movement. So, when your knee is damaged, this response might be impaired, so a brace can help improve the situation.

  • Support

The commonest use of the brace is for the ones recovering from a knee injury like a ligament rip. Hence, a knee brace provides the right support which can help you to recover faster. Though, such braces are usually categorized as “advanced”.

  • Pain Liberation

When you wear a brace, you feel a relief in your Knee Pain Hillsboro that might be a result of osteoarthritis(Chondrosis).

However, the majority of sportsmen, footballers, bodybuilders, and runners use a basic brace to diminish the influence of high-intensity repetitive pressure on knee joints and ligaments. The most crucial function performed by a knee is to release pain and provide sufficient support that enables you to perform moderate-level workouts that might be helpful for a full recovery or maintaining good health. Also, moderate exercise is necessary for conditioning leg muscles for better knee support.

So, it will eventually eliminate the need of wearing a brace.

When You Require a Brace?

It is a simple truth, that a brace is not required unless your doctor recommends it to you. Also, if you recently have undergone knee surgery, a brace can help improve your condition.

Besides, if you suffer from Anterior Knee Pain North Richland Hills (PFPS) or Patella Tendinopathy, a brace will be quite beneficial for you. However, the simplest way to decide whether you need a brace or not is to consult a specialist.

Generally, if you sense that a light brace makes you feel better, then you may try a basic brace. Though, you should be mindful of the fact that the brace is designed to support recovery via a practical regime of physiotherapy activities.

So, it is not a substitute for a bespoke and professional rehab program that provides promising and long-lasting results.

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