Chin Tuck Exercises For Neck Pain
April 23, 2021

Neck pain is caused due to muscle tension caused due to improper posture, sitting for an extended period, sleeping in an inappropriate position, and over-exerting your neck during the workout. Sometimes the reasons for neck strain are caused due to road accidents or sports damages. Besides, it is also an indication of stroke and is accompanied by other symptoms. People suffering from meningitis may also experience neck stiffness. It is also a symptom of arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, or spinal stenosis. The best remedy is to practice chin tuck exercises for neck pain. If the problem continues for more than a week, you must seek immediate medical attention.

How Chin Tuck Workout Relieves Neck Issues?

A chin-tuck exercise is ideal for neck muscle tension. This essential workout is recommended for proper head alignment. Regular practice can be highly effective in adequately relieving neck problems. People who perform this exercise have a more robust, flexible, and functional neck.

If poor posture causes neck issues, this exercise can help in the following ways:

  • It builds up your cervical flexor muscle, lower cervical muscles, and other surrounding muscles that play a part in making your spine straight.
  • Your scalene muscles and suboccipital muscles are appropriately stretched.
  • Relieve many neck problems, including pain and muscle tremors
  • Improved posture
  • Relaxed neck muscles

How to Perform Chin Tuck Exercise the Right Way?

Chin tucks are essential workouts suggested to avoid bad posture and keep your skull in an aligned position.

You can perform the exercise in both standing and sitting positions. Following are the steps to perform the chin exercise the right way:

  • Choose a comfortable position for neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Keep your vision straight ahead.
  • Moderately glide your chin straight back. Then tuck your chin to your neck region without withholding your breath. You may feel a mild pull on your upper neck when practicing this. Don’t forget to move your skull up or down or turn your neck forward.
  • Hold that neck position for almost five seconds.
  • Then carry your chin forward once again.
  • Repeat this neck exercise at least ten times a day

Performing a chin tuck workout and other stretching exercises can help maintain a good posture. Also, it is an ideal way to begin your day. You can perform this quick and easy exercise during your break times. You are tied up with computers, phones, and long hours of sitting in improper posture at the workplace. It can also be performed while driving a car.

At the start, it can help to have the limb as the point of orientation. With time this exercise may become easier to perform. It may no longer be essential to hold up the limb.

If you adjust this exercise, you will strengthen deep neck muscle and apply resistance with the hand positioned under the chin. You need to apply slight pressure in a downward position.

The McKenzie Chin Tuck

McKenzie Chin Tuck is a special type of chin tuck exercise which was introduced by Robin McKenzie, a New Zealand-born physiotherapist. It focuses on realigning your neck muscles and also fixes a nerd neck eventually.

It requires the following steps to be performed:

  • Stand against a wall such that your back and hips are touching the wall
  • Keep your feet slightly away from the wall.
  • Touch the center of your head to the wall such that your chin is protruding outwards
  • Move your head upwards such that your chin comes inwards. Hold the position for about 5 seconds each
  • Repeat the movement 20 times

You can also place a paper behind the center of your head so that the paper slides up and down as you move your head.

What are the Best Exercise Tips?

If you consult an expert, they will suggest that you perform at least five to seven sets of these chin exercises every day. And if you have a habit of regularly stretching the neck and top side of the backbone, this exercise will improve posture.

It only takes one minute to perform a chinning workout ten times a day. If you want to perform the exercise every day without any hassle regularly, see the tips below. It will help you manage to exercise in a busy routine.

  • Morning Time

When you drink your morning tea or coffee, brush your teeth, dress up, you can perform it efficiently.

  • Traveling

A good posture is necessary when driving a car or any other vehicle. So, you can easily practice it when you wait at signals.

  • Lunch Time

Everyone is given a break at lunchtime. You can relax your muscles by performing this. It will only take one minute.

When you add chin exercise to your daily routine, you will incorporate it very well. A majority of the people maintain a bad head posture while working in the office for long periods. It leads to high-stress levels, affects the back, and causes neck muscle tension.

When Will Chin Tuck Exercises Help Get Rid of My Pain?

Neck pain is quite common in people, but it is not a serious medical condition. If you practice chin tuck exercises regularly and correctly, your pain should ease in two weeks.

If you have a question about full recovery, you should know that it may take four to six weeks. As your neck movement improves, you can practice this exercise more frequently. Even if the pain remains, you should not stop exercising. You may ask why? The reason is that chin exercises are safe.

What Should Be the Duration of Exercise?

Experts say that you should continue exercising for at least six to eight weeks, even if the neck pain goes away. The reason is that it will keep the pain away.

How to Avoid Pain?

Your neck muscles are just like other muscles in the body. Light stretching and proper exercising can significantly improve muscle strength and motion scope. Initially, practice it five times a day and then take it up to ten times. This lifestyle change will definitely prevent development of neck pain that won’t go away.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor before starting.

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