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Caring for All Types of Injuries

Playing sports is a fun activity that provides a range of benefits, including relaxation, exercise, and socialization. As beneficial as sports are, they can be dangerous and result in injury. From minor muscle strains to more serious conditions, sports injuries can severely limit your range of movement and cause immense pain.

Are you experiencing knee pain due to the wear and tear on your joints from playing sports? Maybe you have recently incurred a serious sports-related back injury and need help as soon as possible. Perhaps you were injured while playing sports in high school or college and have never been 100% since. At Premier Pain Centers, we have experience with treating a wide range of sports injuries and are here to help you.

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Types of Sports Injuries We Treat

As an active participant in sports, your body experiences more strain than the average person. It is important to stretch, eat healthy, and generally stay in shape if you play sports, as a lack of preparation can lead to injury. Even active people who live a healthy lifestyle can experience chronic pain in their muscles and bones, but with pain management in Dallas, you can ensure these issues don't interfere with your life.

People who play sports can also experience acute pain due to twisting an ankle, breaking a bone, falling, or colliding with another person during practice or a game. These events can lead to an array of injuries —contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and how we can help.

We provide treatment services for conditions such as:

What Can Cause You A Sports Injury?

Sports injuries have many causes, including Accidents, such as falls. Also, Bad habits with exercise, such as not getting warm or stretching as much as required, Lack of safety equipment, damaged gear, or improperly worn. However, Shoes that do not fit well or provide adequate support may also be the cause of sports injury. However, According to our team at Fort Worth Sports Injury Treatment. We came to know that Sports injuries can happen to anyone, especially people:

  • They are no longer in shape.
  • Do not wear appropriate protective equipment.
  • Exercise without warming up or without normalizing body temperature.
  • Participate in communication games that may involve fighting or conflict.
  • Participate in activities that include jumping, running, and navigating or changing direction quickly.
  • How Can I Diagnose My Injury?

    Pain or discomfort is often felt right away after sustaining a sports injury. Overuse injuries, for example, may not show any symptoms until years later. Normal medical exams are typically the occasion on which these wounds are discovered. With the help of our team at Corsicana Sports Injury Treatment, This is the process your doctor will most likely go through to determine whether or not you have a sports injury. Among these are:

  • Physical Examination: The medical staff may try to reposition the affected area of your body. This gives them a better idea of the pace of change in the area, or the lack thereof.
  • Medical History: This will entail asking you questions regarding the circumstances surrounding your injuries, your activities at the time of the incident, and your recovery thus far. In addition, if this is your first visit to best pain doctor in Dallas, they may want to know more about your medical background.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Medical imaging technologies such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds allow doctors and medical professionals to look within the body. To confirm a suspected sports injury, this is helpful.
  • How We Treat Sports Injuries

    Our pain management plans are tailored to the needs of each of our patients. We will work to understand your situation, so your treatment is designed with your goals for care in mind. You may require a one-time procedure to treat an injury or may want to participate in a long-term therapy program to ensure your body is operating at peak physical condition. With Premier Pain Centers, you can feel confident that our professionals will work to achieve the solutions you are seeking.

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