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Percutaneous Discectomy

Approximately two percent of the U.S. population suffers from back pain (or millions of adults). Herniated discs that press on nerve fibers or the spinal cord may be treated with a lumbar percutaneous discectomy.By removing deviated disc material and disc fragments, lumbar percutaneous discectomy is intended to relieve nerve compression.This minimally invasive procedure involves making an incision between the vertebrae and inserting a tiny surgical needle into the disc middle.

What Is A Discectomy?

Discectomy involves surgically removing parts of a herniated or slipped disc in order to relieve pressure on nerve roots or the spinal cord. Decompressing the spine is necessary to increase flexibility and mobility.

There may be some pain associated with a herniated disc, but this usually subsides once the disc is removed from the spinal cord. Those suffering from chronic pain in their lower backs and legs may benefit from discectomy treatment.

Percutaneous Discectomy Benefits

Percutaneous discectomy richardson has many advantages. Most patients report rapid relief from pain following this procedure, which is relatively straightforward. In addition to being minimally invasive, this procedure produces virtually no scarring or discomfort.
Comparatively to other procedures, percutaneous discectomy offers the following advantages:

  • Assists in the collection of biopsy tissue
  • Does not damage the nerve root as a result of thermal exposure (heat)
  • Aspirate material in a controlled manner
  • Customizable procedures

A lumbar percutaneous discectomy is less risky and also allows for a faster recovery time than other forms of spinal surgery.

Percutaneous Discectomy Candidates

The percutaneous discectomy Hilsboro may be an effective treatment option for patients with ongoing back, neck, or sciatica pain, as well as spinal stenosis, which narrows the spinal canal and presses on the spinal cord.
This procedure may be appropriate for patients who have failed to improve their symptoms after four to six weeks of conservative treatment methods such as exercise, medication, physical therapy, or chiropractic treatment.
The patient may benefit from a lumbar percutaneous discectomy if his or her symptoms make it difficult for him or her to perform normal daily activities.

How Is A Percutaneous Discectomy (Pd) Performed?

  • To minimize pain and stress on the body, patients are administered sedatives and local anesthetics before the procedure.
  • After positioning the patient face down, the surgeon ensures that the affected area is easily accessible.
  • The goal is to insert a large needle into the surgical site after numbing it.
  • Heat waves are used to reduce the disc size once the needle is inserted, as well as to remove disruptive material from the disc.
  • Most herniated discs can be relieved by removing disc material, which also reduces the pressure within the spinal column. The patient will be moved to the recovery area for observation as soon as the needle insertion site has been closed.
  • PDs are usually performed as outpatient procedures and take about 30 minutes to complete. It is generally possible for patients to return home the same day that they have undergone surgery, within one to three hours of their surgery. In the first 24 to 48 hours following an injection, there may be some discomfort at the injection site.
  • It may be necessary to apply heat packs or cold packs to the patient's body in order to relieve this discomfort, as needed and as recommended. Your physician may prescribe pain medication post-PD if it is necessary for you to take it as directed. A patient should also rest for at least 24 hours following surgery in order to ensure that their recovery will be as smooth as possible.
  • Despite the fact that recovery time varies from case to case, most patients find that after a week or so, they are able to return to their normal daily routines.

Here Are Some Things To Look Forward To

There is nothing complicated about a percutaneous discectomy Lancaster.

  • During the procedure, there is no requirement for general anesthesia; the patient will receive a local anesthetic and may also be under mild sedation. The insertion of the needle is painless.
  • Following the insertion of the needle into the disc, disc decompression takes place quite quickly. In about 30 minutes, the patient will receive a small bandage covering the needle site.

Is It Safe To Perform A Percussive Dissection?

A percutaneous discectomy fort worth is a safe, minimally invasive, and effective surgical procedure. Percutaneous discectomies are among the back surgeries we have performed at the Interventional Spine & Surgery Group.
Any surgical procedure has some risks, including percutaneous discectomy. However, there are some risks.

  • Anesthesia reaction
  • Bleeding
  • Irritation of the nerves

You may also experience some pain and discomfort if surgery does not prove successful. The outcome of surgery cannot be guaranteed to be 100%.

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