Lumbar Sympathetic Injections for Chronic Pain

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By injecting sympathetic nerves into the lumbar spine, leg and foot pain can be temporarily alleviated. Furthermore, it regulates other bodily functions, including sweating and blood circulation. The block may be beneficial for a variety of conditions, including complex regional pain syndrome, phantom limb pain, and hyperhidrosis. Joint pain can occur for a variety of reasons, and pain management fort worth is able to provide relief.

What are Lumbar Sympathetic Injections?

As part of the sympathetic nervous system, sympathetic nerves regulate blood pressure, temperature, blood flow, and other functions. An unnecessarily stimulated sympathetic nerve may result in constricting blood vessels and poor blood circulation to the affected limb. A damaged sympathetic nerve in your lower back may cause pain and weakness in your lower extremities

For conditions such as complex regional pain syndrome or shingles, spinal sympathetic injections are a relatively common treatment option. Sympathetic nerve injections are used to determine whether sympathetic nerves are responsible for lower back pain, as well as providing long-term relief.

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Who is a Candidate?

If you suffer chronic pain from any of the following conditions, a sympathetic nerve block may be of benefit to you:

  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (CRPS-1)
  • CRS Type 2 (causalgia)
  • Leg vascular insufficiency due to blockages in small vessels
  • A pain in the Phantom Limb
  • Legs affected by herpes zoster (shingles)
  • Diabetic neuropathy causing pain in the legs that cannot be relieved by medication
  • When Should You Avoid This Procedure?

    Lumbar sympathetic blocks can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. But, if you are suffering from bleeding or infection, you should not undergo this procedure. If you are diabetic, corticosteroids may temporarily raise your blood sugar. Glaucoma patients may also experience temporary elevations in blood pressure or eye pressure. You should consult your physician regarding this condition. Consult your physician if you believe you may be pregnant or are trying to conceive. The use of fluoroscopy (x-rays) during pregnancy may result in harm to the fetus.

    What Happens During A Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block?

    Find out what to expect from your healthcare provider. You may need to follow a different procedure. A lumbar sympathetic nerve block generally involves the following steps:

  • The procedure will be performed on a table with you lying on your stomach.
  • The doctor may prescribe medicine to help you relax (sedation). During the procedure, you are likely to remain awake.
  • You will be monitored closely during the procedure regarding your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level. With the help of a mask or nasal tube, you may be able to obtain extra oxygen.
  • You will be given a shot in the lower back after cleaning the area.
  • The area around the injection site will be numbed with medicine. For a short period of time, it may burn and sting. The effect should last only a few seconds.
  • A needle will be inserted into your lower back by your healthcare provider. As soon as it is in the correct position, he or she will adjust it. In order to guide the needle, the physician may use X-rays, computed tomography images, or ultrasounds.
  • To ensure that the X-ray contrast dye is injected precisely in the right location, the provider will inject a small amount through the needle.
  • Using the needle, the provider will inject medicine. Different types of medicine may be used by him or her for different reasons. Pain may need to be blocked with numbing medicine. Inflammation may be reduced with the use of steroids. You may experience a burning or warm sensation in the area after the medicine has been injected.
  • What Are The Benefits Of A Lumbar Sympathetic Block?

    Lumbar sympathetic blocks may have the following potential benefits:

  • The pain may be temporarily relieved, thereby improving your day-to-day functioning.
  • Inflammation in the affected nerves is temporarily reduced, allowing them to heal more rapidly.
  • Diagnosing the condition. Your provider may be able to identify the cause of the pain with the help of the block.
  • The lumbar sympathetic block does not always provide pain relief. In this situation, you may need to explore other treatment options.

    What are the Expected Results?

    Lumbar sympathetic injections can relieve the affected extremity minutes after the procedure. In most cases, you need more injections to get long-lasting relief. It's not a good idea to drive for several hours after the procedure because you might feel numb or weak in the lower extremity. If you're going to have the procedure, you should take it easy the day before, but you can resume normal activities the next day. The benefits of these injections usually happen a few days after the procedure, even though you might be sore for a few days. At Pain Management Richardson, our team of experienced physicians understands how joint pain can adversely affect quality of life.

    Is There a Longer Lasting Therapy?

    As a complementary treatment to lumbar sympathetic injections, radiofrequency procedures may be recommended to provide you with prolonged relief that otherwise cannot be achieved. The use of radiofrequency energy creates heat that impairs the transmission of pain signals by desensitizing specific nerves. Typically, radiofrequency treatments provide relief for approximately six to twelve months and for as long as two years. There is also spinal cord stimulation, which involves implanting a small electrical device to interrupt the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Most devices are permanent, though they can be removed at any time. The comprehensive treatment and diagnosis guidelines provided by Pain Management in Dallas enable individuals to regain health through consultations with the practice.

    Lumbar sympathetic blocks, administered by pain specialists in Dallas, are effective treatments for a wide range of pain-related conditions. However, the outcomes can vary significantly from one individual to another. If you are apprehensive about receiving nerve block injections, discuss them with your healthcare provider at spine and pain clinic lancaster. They will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

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