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Is Mesotherapy Effective for Reducing Neck Fat?

In the world of photo shoots and profile pictures, you can spend a lot of time staring at your face. And it can be difficult not to check all the angles – including your jaw. You may be wondering if there is a way to get rid of that double chin. 

Generally, neck fat is associated with greater weight bearing. But there is no scientific evidence to support the clear loss of life without diet and exercise. If you want to know how to get rid of neck fat?

What Causes Neck Fat?

The double chin is caused by a layer of fat that grows under the chin. A few different substances combine in the body to form a double chin. Understanding these features can help to understand ways to remove the double chin itself.

  • Age

The skin may begin to lose its elasticity as the body ages, which can lead to the appearance of extra skin or tight skin that may affect the chin double.

  • Diet and Weight

Although weight gain is not always the cause of the chin, it can contribute to it. A high-calorie diet, processed foods, and unhealthy fats can contribute to weight gain and a double chin.

  • Genetics

Genetics can play a role in the development of a double chin. Anyone with a family history of slightly stretched skin or double chin may be more likely to develop themselves.

  • Posture

Improper posture can weaken the neck and chin muscles. This can cause a double chin over time, as the surrounding skin loses elasticity when muscles are not used.

Simple Exercises for Neck Fat

There are many simple double chin exercises. Although there is little scientific research on the effect of these tests, they do point to the muscles of the neck and face. Exercising these muscles can help burn fat in these areas, and may be an important part of removing a double chin.

1- Around the World (Warm-up)

As with any exercise routine, it is important to warm the muscles to avoid injury. To warm the neck, rotate your head slightly up and down and back and forth using clockwise movements. After a few rounds, reverse the direction.

The same circular motion is used to stretch the jaw. Slightly move the jaw to the left, then forward, then right, then back, holding each position for a moment or two. Now the muscles are warm and ready for exercise.

2- Whistle At the Ceiling

This exercise is good for strengthening the muscles and giving the neck a break during time spent at the desk. Sit with a straight back and shoulders relaxed.

Tilt your head back to look at the ceiling. From this position, close the lips to the area used while whistling. The lips should be relaxed but held tight enough to feel access to both sides of the neck.

Hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds depending on the level of comfort of the individual. Ten repetitions of this work are usually enough to last once.

3- Kiss the Sky

This function is the same as the previous one, with a slight difference. Stand upright with arms and shoulders relaxed and relaxed. Tilt your head back to look at the ceiling. Pucker the lips and try to kiss the sky, stretching it as far away from the face as possible.

Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. Hold this position for 5 to 20 seconds and then relax. Repeat 10 to 15 times per set.

4- The Ball Squeeze

Keeping an exercise tool in hand is a great way to help other people remember to do their exercises. With neck exercises, it may be helpful to keep the ball somewhere near a desk, bed, or exercise area. The size of the ball can range from 5 to 10 inches based on personal comfort and should be easy to squeeze.

Squeezing the ball is best done in a sitting position with a straight back and relaxed shoulders. Place the ball under the chin. Use the chin to push the ball down in a steady, firm motion. This can be repeated 10 to 30 times during each stay.

5- The Pouting Stretch

Another effective way to target muscles in the chin and neck is to do a pouting stretch. Standing or sitting, remove the lower lip as much as possible to create a clear face. Hold the position for 3 seconds. The lip is still full of beans, use the neck muscles to tilt the chin towards the chest without moving the back.

Hold this position for 3 seconds. Relax the muscles and start again. Repeat 10 to 20 times or until the neck pain feels exercises.

6- Gum Chewing

Chewing gum may not seem like much, but it may be helpful for people who want to get rid of a double chin in many ways. Chewing gum can help people who are losing weight to reduce the number of calories in their diet.

However, Chewing gum is a small exercise for facial muscles, especially the jaw. Regular chewing gum may contribute to the loss of fat on the chin although it may not do much on its own.

7- The Lion’s Yawn

The point of this task is to open your mouth wide while sticking out your tongue as far as possible, like a roaring lion. It can be an excellent exercise for strengthening many muscles in the chin, neck, and face. It also helps to treat cricks in the neck.

Sit or stand in a relaxed position. Open your mouth as much as possible as you extend your tongue as far as it will go. If done properly, the muscles of the neck, chin, and jaw should be strong. Push the tongue out for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat this process 10 times and move on to another task.

Treatments for Neck Fat

If your double chin is genetically engineered, strengthening the area with exercise can help. It is unclear whether weight loss will help. In this case, your doctor may recommend invasive procedures such as:

  • Lipolysis

Also known as liposculpture, lipolysis uses liposuction or heat from a laser to dissolve fat and rejuvenate the skin. In many cases, local anesthetics are the only thing needed during lipolysis to treat double chin. Lipolysis treats only fat. However, It does not remove excess skin or increase skin elasticity. Side effects of lipolysis may include:

  • Inflammation

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Pain

  • Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a slow-acting procedure that involves small amounts of a combination of fat dissolved through a series of injections. It may take 20 or more injections of deoxycholic acid in each treatment to treat double chin. You can have up to six treatments. You should wait at least one month between treatments.

However, Deoxycholic acid can cause serious nerve damage if injected incorrectly. Only a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon who specializes in prescribing these injections should perform these injections. Potential side effects of deoxycholic acid and other mesotherapy injections include:

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Pain

  • Numbness

  • Redness

Next Steps

The best way to get rid of excess fat anywhere in your body is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. If you are trying to remove a double chin, be patient. Unless you undergo liposuction or laser lipolysis, it will not diminish overnight. Depending on the size of your chin, it may take a few months before it becomes noticeable.

Maintaining a healthy weight will help keep the chin doubled. This also has additional benefits because it reduces your overall risk:

  • Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Heart Disease

  • Certain Cancers

  • Stroke

Unless you are convinced that your double chin is genetically engineered, give weight loss, cardio exercise, and chin exercise a chance before performing an attack procedure. Before starting a diet and exercise program, talk to your doctor. They will deal with any health concerns you may have and help you set healthy goals for weight loss. They will also recommend a diet plan that is consistent with your lifestyle.

However, If diet and exercise do not help your double chin, ask your pain doctor in Dallas if the attack process is your way.

Dr. Rao K. Ali M.D.

Dr. Rao Ali, a board-certified pain management physician, leads the clinic, which specializes in nonsurgical treatment. The physician has experience in the emergency room as well as training in pain management and rehabilitation. As a personal physician, he works with each patient to develop a treatment plan that will minimize or eliminate their pain. Providing expert diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions, Pain Management In Dallas, PA provides a comprehensive range of services. These services include neck pain, back pain, hip and knee pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, headaches, migraines, and many others.