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Living through a traumatic situation can have severe emotional effects. Traumatic experiences can be hard to categorize because a single incident may be more painful for one person than for another. However, childhood traumas, including abuse, neglect, and broken attachments, can be catastrophic. Later life events like an unexpected accident, becoming the victim of violence, a natural disaster or war, or sudden loss can also be difficult.

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Risks of Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma has substantial and long-term effects for mental and physical health. It can cause PTSD, anxiety, and the misuse of drugs if left untreated. It can impair daily life, relationships, and the quality of life. Stress and worry from psychiatric trauma can worsen or cause migraines.

Trauma's pervasive fear and hopelessness might limit a person's capacity to live a full and productive life. The stress and worry from traumatic events might increase tinnitus.

Our Treatment Method

Traumatized patients receive comprehensive and compassionate care at Premier Pain Center. Our multidisciplinary experts provide customized trauma treatment strategies for each patient. We promote healing and rehabilitation with evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches. Trauma therapy can help ease the symptoms by lowering the mental stress that comes with them.

Therapy and Treatment Option

Here below are some of the options provided by us:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) treats stress, depression, and other mental health conditions well. It helps you identify and combat negative beliefs and acquire self-help techniques. These methods improve living standards immediately. It can help anyone who needs support overcome unwanted thoughts that are holding them back from their objectives or ideal life.

It demonstrates how thoughts affect mood. It trains you to be less negative about yourself and your life. Our trauma surgeon in Dallas treats anxiousness and depression with cognitive-behavioral therapy. Our services promote healthy coping and emotional well-being.

Eye Movement Reprocessing

EMDR is another popular treatment. It involves a brief reliving of traumatic events while the therapist controls eye movements. Traumatic memories are processed and integrated using EMDR. It helps you reprocess disturbing events to lessen psychological effects and improve coping. We offer specific EMDR sessions to help you heal.

Self-care Options

Self-care helps trauma survivors manage their emotional, psychological, and physical effects. The self-care includes:


Stress triggers fight-or-flight. Exercise may reduce these effects. We recommend aerobic exercise which may help PTSD patients. You can workout for 30 minutes most days of the week.


Meditation and yoga are part of our therapy methods to help people manage stress, gain self-awareness, and regulate emotions. These methods reduce the symptoms and improve well-being.

A balanced life

Traumatized people may have trouble relaxing or sleeping. Sleep, relaxation, and food affect mental wellness. If feasible, try:

Your pain can be due to:
  • Sleep 7–9 hours every night
  • Balance your diet
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs
  • Reduce stress with focused or fun activities
  • Permanent Recovery with Personalized Care

    Our trauma center in Dallas believes that traumatic care should be individualized to each particular patient. To tailor treatment to each patient, our team conducts rigorous assessments. To achieve the best results, we provide continuing assistance, monitor progress, and adapt therapy.

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