What Causes Pain in Neck When Swallowing

Sore throats on the right side only when swallowing can be caused by a variety of factors. A health problem may affect one side of your body, such as an abscess or swollen part of your body, or a position of your body may be the cause. When you swallow, have you ever experienced a sharp pain on one side of the throat? Many factors can contribute to this problem. Pain in the neck when swallowing can be a worrying and uncomfortable symptom. It is important to accurately diagnose the source of this pain before beginning any treatment. Pain management doctors are specialists who are trained to diagnose, treat and manage chronic and acute pain conditions. 

When you awaken, you may experience symptoms more acutely on the side on which you slept. Check out the causes, treatment options, and when to see a doctor if you have sharp pain on one side of your throat when you swallow. 

Causes Of Painful Swallowing 

To know about pain in neck when swallowing, first you should be aware of the causes behind painful swallowing. One possible cause for such pain may be due to a fat neck. Being overweight can cause an increase in fat deposits around the neck, leading to uncomfortable sensations when swallowing food and liquids. 

Other causes are : 

1- Postnasal Drip

There are a variety of reasons why postnasal drip may increase or become noticeable, causing discomfort when swallowing.  

There are several causes of pain or swelling in the throat, including reflux, viruses, allergies, and even certain foods. It is possible that you may experience pain when swallowing as a result of this. 

2- Swollen Lymph Nodes 

The head and neck contain a large number of lymph nodes. Swollen tongues may cause discomfort when swallowing. Infections, tooth abscesses, or any health condition that compromises the immune system can cause swollen lymph nodes. 

3- Laryngitis 

Laryngitis is a condition of straining your vocal cords. Your throat may feel uncomfortable and you may sound hoarse. A virus or bacterial infection, as well as excessive vocal use, may increase your risk of developing laryngitis. 

4- Tonsillitis 

Tonsils may be infected, resulting in pain when swallowing. The most common types of tonsillitis are those that affect children and teens. Tonsillitis may also cause swollen lymph nodes.  

An infection caused by a virus or a bacterial organism may cause tonsillitis. 

5- Canker Sore 

If you are experiencing pain while swallowing, then you may have a canker sore in your mouth. It involves ulcers that appear anywhere in the mouth for a period of one or more weeks.  

As a result of your diet, mouth trauma, stress, or bacteria, you may experience one. 

6- Abscessed or Impacted Tooth 

The discomfort associated with swallowing can be attributed to poor dental health. Abscesses can result from the neglect of cavities. Abscesses may cause pain in your neck, jaw, and ear and interfere with your ability to swallow. If you have an infected tooth on one side only, you may experience these symptoms. 

You may experience jaw problems as a result of impacted wisdom teeth. Additionally, they may lead to the development of a cyst on one side of your mouth. As a result, swallowing may be impeded. An impacted wisdom tooth occurs when it is unable to grow in as an ordinary set of molars. It is more likely that they will remain beneath the gum line. 

Diagnosing The Cause Of Painful Swallowing 

Don't forget to tell your neck pain doctor about all of your symptoms when you visit your doctor. Please inform them if any symptoms have developed or are becoming worse. It will be helpful to your doctor if you describe all of your symptoms in detail. Your doctor may order certain tests if a physical examination is not sufficient to determine a diagnosis, such as the following: 

  • Blood tests such as complete blood counts are used to determine the number of different types of blood cells in the body. If your doctor receives these results, he or she can determine whether your body is fighting off a virus or a bacterial infection.  

  • CT scans and MRI scans can provide doctors with detailed images of your throat, allowing them to examine it for abnormalities. In addition to detecting tumors in the throat, these imaging tests may also detect cancer.  

  • It involves taking a sample of mucus from the back of your throat in order to perform a throat swab culture. The purpose of this test is to detect the presence of certain types of organisms in the throat that could possibly cause an infection.  

  • It involves the collection of a sample of sputum, or phlegm, and the analysis of the sample to determine whether certain organisms are present. Your doctor can use this simple, painless test to determine whether an infection is causing your swallowing discomfort. 

Treatment Options 

Richardson Pain Management is a top-notch facility that specializes in the treatment of neck pain associated with swallowing. Ice or heat for neck pain may be a simple and effective way to reduce neck pain due to the increased blood flow that either type of treatment can bring. Multiple conditions can cause this symptom, all of which require different treatment options: 

  • Reflux 

Over-the-counter medications and dietary and lifestyle changes can help treat reflux-related conditions. 

  • Postnasal Drip 

Different treatments may be necessary depending on the cause of postnasal drip. Take allergy medications or decongestants as well as keep hydrated. 

  • Swollen Lymph Nodes 

Infections or viruses may cause swollen lymph nodes, or prescription medications may help. Painful symptoms can be reduced with a warm compress or over-the-counter pain reliever. 

  • Laryngitis 

 If laryngitis persists, it may be necessary to take medications such as antibiotics or steroids to treat it. It may be beneficial to keep your throat moist by using a humidifier or drinking water. 

  • Tonsillitis.A humidifier, salt water gargles, and over-the-counter pain relievers can soothe tonsillitis. A bacterial infection may require antibiotic treatment. 

  • Abscessed Or Impacted Tooth. A dentist will need to treat an abscessed tooth, which may result in a root canal procedure. Surgical removal of your impacted wisdom teeth may be recommended by your dentist. 

  • Canker Sore.You may find relief from canker sores through mouth rinses, topical medications, or oral medications. 

  • Epiglottitis. Antibiotics will be used to treat any infection associated with epiglottitis. 

  • Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia. A nerve block or surgery may be used to treat glossopharyngeal neuralgia. 

  • Mouth, Throat, Or Esophageal Cancer.A variety of treatment options are available for cancer, including surgery, medications, chemotherapy, and radiation. 

The Takeaway 

There are a variety of conditions that can cause pain in the throat when swallowing on one side. In order to determine the cause of the swallowing discomfort, you should consider your other symptoms. Medical attention may be necessary for some conditions, while rest and home remedies may be sufficient for others. If you are concerned about your symptoms, consult a physician. Pain management in Fort Worth can also provide relief for those suffering from front of neck pain associated with swallowing. 

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